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A. Clean – Work up to 3×1 @ 90%.

A couple of FrostFit events for you to try:

B. Max weighted pistol – Score is total weight for both legs (L+R). If you don’t have pistols, spend some time working on deck squats (one leg or two).

C. Partner workout – Part B of FrostFit’s event #3. It’s kind of complicated, so we’ll explain it in more detail in the gym. It involves some partner carries, plate carries, and sled pulls.

February challenge – This one comes from Ido Portal. If you don’t know who he is, look him up on Youtube. He is a great mover. The challenge is to accumulate 30 minutes (total) in the bottom of a squat, EVERY DAY for 30 days. It can be spread over the course of the day. Do it while you’re doing everyday things, reading, surfing the web, watching tv, playing with your kids, whatever. If you have a stopwatch or a smartphone, start a 30 minute timer, and let it run while you’re squatting. What to do while you’re down there? Try out these movements. If you were in the gym on Friday, you will have seen some of these already.

Take a photo of your squat at the beginning of the challenge, and again at the end. Maybe we’ll have a prize for the biggest improvement…? Send me your photos.

And yes, I’m squatting while I type this.