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A. 2-position clean – Increase to working weight and do 3 sets (total) at that weight. DROP under the weight!

B. Partner workout, for reps and total time:

Partner A works / (Partner B accumulates reps in the second movement in brackets)

60 KB swings / (shoulder to overhead with 95/65# barbell)

Switch and repeat

Rest 1 minute

30 pull-ups / (hang power cleans with 95/65# barbell)

Switch and repeat

Then an alternating (1 lap each) KB/DB farmer’s carry (1 weight) for 20 laps. The catch? The weight cannot touch the ground. If you drop it, you inflict 15 burpees on your partner. If you are both equally responsible for a dropped weight, you both do 15 burpees.

Our two FrostFit teams are doing a double workout today, so if you want to come and cheer them on, feel free. The first workout will be between 3 and 4 pm, and the second likely around 5:30 pm. We have two teams entered in the competition – Mara and Lisa in the women’s team division, and Earl and Scott in the men’s team division. FrostFit is coming up on Jan 25-26, so if you’re free one or both of those days, come on out and show your support.