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A. Work up to a heavy set in the following complex: 1 power clean + 1 squat clean + 1 split jerk (R) + 1 split jerk (L). Use different lead legs for the split jerks – it doesn’t have to be R first, then L.

B. Your pet rock is a bumper plate. Don’t leave it behind.

3 rounds for time of:

2 laps overhead plate lunges (45/25)

15 plate jump burpees (like box jump burpees, but with a plate as a target rather than a box)

2 laps plate carry (any way you like).

**If you are competing in the Open, please sign up for your workout time on the whiteboard. This isn’t carved in stone, but it will give us an idea of how many people are coming to each time slot. You may be called upon to judge your fellow competitors.

I would recommend a rest day prior to your Open workout day, but I can understand if you just want to treat it like any other workout.