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**Just a reminder that the folks from Wildfire Farms are doing a meat delivery this evening from 7 – 7:15 pm. Please be on time, as they are here for a limited time.**

A. Work up to a heavy set of 3 in the press.

B. 3 x 3 push press (same weight as A) with slow negative on each rep.

C. 5 rounds for time of:

35 double-unders

7 shoulder-to-overhead (85#/120#)

5 lunges per leg with barbell (same weight as above) in front rack.

This workout was designed with Hillary in mind on her b-day, but if you want to go through it with her, it will have to be tomorrow.

Here is a good article by Spencer Arnold on some of the truths of olympic weightlifting technique.

Here is another good one about staying healthy during the Open (or any other competition).