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A. Find your 1 rep max snatch.

B. Find your 1 rep max clean and jerk.

C. 3 sets of 20-25 GHD hip extensions.

D. 3 sets of max effort boat rockers (as many as you can in one set). Just because your abs are screaming at you is no reason to stop. They’ll be fine, and you’ll live.

If you are relatively new to the gym, you will not be doing a 1 rep max. This will be a technique day. Take the time to get the movement down before adding weight. Pick one thing (or ask us what we think you should focus on) for each lift, and make it your mission to improve that one thing today.

**Most of you are aware of this, I’m sure, but we are in the process of expanding into the unit next door. The plan is to take down the dividing wall tonight (Monday night), so please be patient with any ensuing mess. We’ll do our best to minimize the disruption to classes. Thanks for your understanding and patience. We are very excited to be getting some more room to play in!