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A. Headstand/handstand/upside down practice – Pick a skill and get more comfortable with it.

Some options:

– shoulder rolls, forward rolls

– headstand – work on controlled ascents and descents, either tucked or piked

– handstand – heel pulls, ME holds, or play with the handstand blocks.

B. Five rounds for total time:

5 deadlifts @ 60% of 1 RM

10 push-ups (do some or all of these clapping if you are proficient at push-ups)

15 jump squats

Rest 1 minute.


Here’s a good video from Kelly Starrett on the importance of cooling down. I know I’m sometimes guilty myself of not cooling down properly or mobilizing after a workout, and I know some of you are as well. Take the time to be nice to your body after you’ve just gotten a sweet PR (or not… either way, you’ve still worked hard) or completed a tough workout.

Keep up the good work on your May challenges. It’s good to see people attacking their weaknesses after classes.

Also, if anyone is interested in doing their CrossFit Level One course, I just found out there is one being held next month at CrossFit Winnipeg. (link). If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask Robin, Jay, Hillary, or I.