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A. Back squat – 8×3 @ 75%. This is a different rep scheme than we’ve used in the past, and the focus is on moving the weight quickly, particularly on the concentric (upward) portion of the movement. The reps are low, so you should be able to move the weight fairly well.  At this weight, resting under 2 minutes between sets should be your goal.

B. 10 parking lot sprints, rest by walking back. Make sure you have warmed up well for this, and don’t be afraid to take it fairly easy on the first 2-3 sets.

C. 3×25 GHD situps.


Some good tips on staying injury-free for the average CrossFit athlete. Yes, that’s you. You ARE an athlete.

**Robin is putting in a skipping rope on Thursday of this week with RX Smart Gear, so if you want to get a rope from them, let her know by tomorrow (Wed). You will need to provide the cable length (see their guidelines on the website for measuring, and be sure to measure with your workout shoes on), handle colour, cable colour, and cable thickness. If you need some guidance with picking a cable thickness, let us know.