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Happy Birthday, Robin! Thanks for being part of our team and community here at CrossFit Steinbach. I’m told that Kristie will be putting together another delicious cake for the occasion, and Esther is bringing coffee to the 9 am class time.

A. 10 minutes of pistol practice – If you already have these, work up to a weighted heavy single on each leg, and then do some strength work (3×10 reps per leg, unweighted). If you do not yet have them, spend some time working on your position (ankle mobility for some of you), and/or do some reps stepping off a box or with a counterweight out front.

B. Robin has informed me that she has a signature workout named after her, so here it is.

“Rockin’ Robin”

3 rounds for time of:

1 rope climb (substitute 15 pull-ups if needed)

10 clean and jerks (135/95 or scaled as needed)

100 double-unders.