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A. Push press – Work up to a heavy single (may or may not be a 1 rep max).

B. 3 rounds for time of:

25 wall balls

Run 400 m.

**If you are able to help out with our Summer in the City booth on either Friday or Saturday, please sign up on the sheet posted on the whiteboard.

Olympic lifting class (tonight at 7 pm): There still seem to misconceptions about this, so I will reiterate that the Oly class is just that, a class. It’s not a course, so if you missed the first session and want to come to any of the other ones, that’s perfectly fine. It’s just intended as a dedicated time slot for practicing Olympic weightlifting technique. Just come out when you can. If you are on a 2x/week or 3x/week membership, the classes will count towards your class totals for the month.

We’ve put a 6-class limit on it simply so there is an endpoint to the trial. If it’s well attended, we will continue on with more classes.