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A. 3-position snatch – Work up to a heavy set.

B. Snatch pulls – 3×2@ 110@ of A. Make sure the bar path is exactly the same as the full movement.

C. 3 rounds of:

Run 400 m

2 laps sled push/2 laps farmer’s carry (2 KBs or DBs, 70/50) / 2 laps sandbag carry

i.e. You will do one of the three movements each round. The order doesn’t matter. Rotate through in an organized fashion.


A BIG thank you to everyone who came and helped out with our booth at Summer in the City this weekend! We couldn’t have done it without you all. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with the people at the festival, and hopefully you had some fun in the process. Some of you even volunteered to do some of the challenges with the passers-by, which made it a little less intimidating for them, I’m sure. This is all after completing the regular workout earlier in the day, so good on you for that as well.

Congratulations to Jay on his fourth place finish in the masters division at the Dakota Games this past weekend in Fargo! Enjoy some well earned rest.