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A. Behind-the-neck split jerk – Work up to a heavy set of 2 (one per leg).

B. 5 rounds for time:

15 shoulder touches per arm

10 pull-ups (strict)

10 mat jump burpees (like a bar hop burpee, but jump the width or length of the mat instead).


Want to know what speed under the bar looks like in a split jerk? Check out the video on this page at The Outlaw Way site.

Here’s a good article on why you need to focus on the basics, and why often trying to do the advanced movements (“advanced” is a definition that may vary depending on the person) BEFORE having good basic movement patterns can be a bad idea. For example, if someone can’t get into a decent squat position in an air squat, should they be overhead squatting with weight? No. Should someone be doing a push-up variation in which they can’t perform the full range of motion with good form while fresh (much less in a met con)? No.

But coach, I just want to lift some heavy stuff! I want you to lift heavy stuff too, but in due time. Formula One drivers don’t go from their tricycles straight to F1 cars when they are young. They start with go karts, and small, slow ones at that. Develop skills and strength first, then gradually increase the intensity.