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A. Clean complex – Do three sets of the following complex at roughly 75% (of max clean): 1 hang clean + 1 clean + 1 front squat.

B. Clean pulls – 3×1 (1 sec pause just off the floor, and mid-thigh). Often clean pulls are done with more than 100% of your max clean, but this may not be the case here. Don’t worry too much about the precise weight though, but focus on your position.

C. For time:

25 wall balls

20 chest to bar pull-ups (or regular pull-ups)

25 wall balls

20 pull-ups (or ring rows)

25 wall balls

20 toes-to-bar (or knee raises).

I forgot to mention this in the group email, but there will be a 6 am class added on Tuesday August 5 (next week).