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Congratulations to Janelle, Sheldon, Lisa, and Catherine for competing in the Prairie CrossFit Fall Throwdown this past Saturday. We are proud of you all for taking the plunge and going outside your comfort zone. A special congrats to Lisa for coming in third overall. For those of you who aren’t on Facebook, check out some photos here, care of Prairie CrossFit. You don’t need to be a member on the site to view the photos. If you were at the event and took some photos, feel free to send them my way. My only regret of the day is that I forgot to take my camera.

Wildfire Farms will be making a meat delivery to the CrossFit Steinbach parking lot on Thursday, November 6th at 7 pm. If you’d like to place an order, please do so through their website.

A. Bench press – Work up in weight, and then do 5×2@80-85%.

B. Just so you can get a taste of the competition this past weekend, here’s event #2:

6 minute AMRAP of:

5 bar-facing burpees

10 barbell front squats (55 lbs/110 lbs)

C. Arch and hollow holds – see November challenge below.

November Challenge – We will be working on our midline positions for the month of November, and your challenge is to do the following 4 days a week:

3-5 max effort holds of: hollow body hold and arch hold.

Scale the hollow body hold to a tuck hold if needed. If and when you can complete 5×60 second holds in tuck position, move on to tuck rocks.

If you can perform 5×60 sec holds of the arch body hold, move on to arch rocks.

You can do this every second day, or do two days on, one day off (approximately).

I was having a discussion late last week with some people regarding kinesio tape and whether or not it works. Here’s an article on the topic. Spoiler alert: not really.