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Skill work of your choice, plus a conditioning workout from earlier this week OR an entire workout from earlier this week.

I thought I’d repost this video, as we were doing Turkish get-ups earlier this week, and I mentioned it to a couple of people. It’s a video of some professional performers, and one of the movements is a TGU, but instead of an inanimate weight, the guy lifts his female partner. And she’s upside down. Balancing on her head. Just her head. Don’t try this at home, kids.


Some of the longer-term gym members will be aware of this, but this coming Monday (December 1) is the gym’s 2 year anniversary date. And yes, for those of you who have asked, rumour is that there will indeed be cake, perhaps even Paleo-ish. For some reason, the cake question is usually the first one people have asked, so clearly they have their priorities straight. I like to think they actually meant back squats, but it just came out wrong. And yes, there will be squats too — preferably before the cake.