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20141231_172214<—CrossFit Total results from Dec 31. Nice work everyone!

A. Snatch balance practice

B. Snatch – 2×1@70, 75, 80%, 3×1@85%.

C. For total work time:

Row 1000 m, rest 4 minutes

Row 500 m, rest 2 minutes

Row 500 m.

 **Some reminders:

Today: Come on out to Boston Pizza (Steinbach) after about 6:15 pm tonight for Jay and Shelley’s send-off. All are welcome! If you’re coming, let Colin or Robin or know so we have an approximate idea of numbers for the restaurant. ***Update: We may need to keep an eye on the weather for this one, as it looks like there may be quite a bit of snow arriving today, and Jay and Shelley may not want to brave the snow. We will hold the event regardless.

Tomorrow: Bring-a-Friend day (8, 9, 10 am classes) – Got a friend or family member who is curious about CrossFit? Bring them out and you can do a workout together with them.

Nutrition seminar with Aaron at 12 noon – Got some questions about how many Doritos are healthy for an athlete such as yourself? (Hint: None. There, I answered your question, but come on out anyway.)  


January challenge

For this month’s challenge we are focusing on some pulling and pushing strength, with a focus on shoulder control. You may need to be flexible with your choice of pulling or pushing for the day, based on the workout that day. If there are pull-ups in the workout, do the pushing work, and vice versa. Shoot for 4 days a week (2 pushing, 2 pulling). Do the push-ups at home if need be.
Weeks 1 and 2
– 3-5 max effort sets of ring rows with a 2 second pause at the top.
– Make the last rep of each set a slooow negative.
Weeks 3 and 4
– Same format as the first week, but do foot-assisted ring pull-ups. Set up rings so that you can hang underneath them with your butt on the floor and legs out in front.
3 max effort sets of push-ups with a 5 second hold at the top, and then a 3 second negative. For the hold, focus on having active shoulders (push your body away from the ground as hard as you can), and keeping a tight body line. If you are not able to do full push-ups from the floor, you still may be able to do some negatives. Just reset to the top position without doing the push-up. If you aren’t able to control your negative at all, scale the movement by raising your hands on a box or stair step.