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Bring-a-Friend day  – For all of this morning’s classes (8, 9, 10 am), you can bring a friend out and enjoy a partner workout with them!

A. Turkish get-up – Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single on each arm. Weight must be completed with each arm for it to count. For the newbies, we will take them through a squat intro, and if there is time we’ll go through the Turkish get-up as well.

B. 10 minute AMRAP of:

10 squats – high five your partner at the top for each rep (Squats can be scaled up to jump squats if desired.)

4 laps (total) farmer’s carry relay – If you are using the same weights, pass them off to your partner as you alternate laps OR if you are using different weights than your partner, use your own weights but still alternate laps. If there are enough weights for everyone, we may make the “resting” person hold onto their weights while the other partner walks.

10 plate touch burpees (total) – Partition these as needed between the two of you.


January challenge

For this month’s challenge we are focusing on some pulling and pushing strength, with a focus on shoulder control. You may need to be flexible with your choice of pulling or pushing for the day, based on the workout that day. If there are pull-ups in the workout, do the pushing work, and vice versa. Shoot for 4 days a week (2 pushing, 2 pulling). Do the push-ups at home if need be.
Weeks 1 and 2
– 3-5 max effort sets of ring rows with a 2 second pause at the top.
– Make the last rep of each set a slooow negative.
Weeks 3 and 4
– Same format as the first week, but do foot-assisted ring pull-ups. Set up rings so that you can hang underneath them with your butt on the floor and legs out in front.
3 max effort sets of push-ups with a 5 second hold at the top, and then a 3 second negative. For the hold, focus on having active shoulders (push your body away from the ground as hard as you can), and keeping a tight body line. If you are not able to do full push-ups from the floor, you still may be able to do some negatives. Just reset to the top position without doing the push-up. If you aren’t able to control your negative at all, scale the movement by raising your hands on a box or stair step.