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R0100351Congratulations to Annick, Colleen, Rebecca, and TJ for the solid effort they put in at the Prairie CrossFit Fall Throwdown! They got their first taste of CrossFit competition, and also of the massive support shown by other gym members who came out to cheer them on. Rest up, and we’ll see you back in the gym soon.

A. Rope climb practice – Depending on your ability, do 4 sets of 1-4 climbs, or 3-9 rope pulls from the floor. Alternate with a lat stretch in between your sets.

B. Just so you can empathize with the athletes at Saturday’s competition, here’s event 3. It consists of three 3-minute AMRAPs, with a 1 minute rest in between.

First 3-minute AMRAP: 7 cleans (55/75 lbs) + 5 burpees

Rest 1 minute (and change weights)

Second 3-minute AMRAP: 7 front squats (65/100 lbs) + 5 lateral barbell burpees

Rest 1 minute (and change weights)

Third 3-minute AMRAP: 7 deadlifts (100/145 lbs) + 5 barbell-facing burpees.