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In this age of virtually unlimited access to information, shouldn’t it be easier to do DIY (do-it-yourself) fitness on your own? You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

With a few keystrokes or swipes of a finger, you can find a HIIT workout, a yoga session, a running program, or an app that spits out a workout every day. 

And honestly, all that is great. If you have the space, equipment, experience, motivation and accountability to consistently follow a program like that… all the power to you.

Digital fitness can take you to a certain point, but the truth is that we are analog beings. We feel the energy of other people in a room, and it motivates us. We thrive on relationships — real, in-person relationships. 

Coaching and being coached is WAY easier when you and your coach are three-dimensional, and not pixels on a screen (IF your digital program even includes a coach at all — which most of them don’t).

I’ve had active people come into the gym and say things like “my knees hurt when I squat”, after doing lots of fitness videos, or in some cases even attending bootcamp classes somewhere. My response is to say, “show me your squat”… and it rapidly becomes apparent why their knees hurt when they squat. Short answer is: nobody has ever given them feedback on their squat technique.

Having an in-person coach matters. Having friends in the same room who are also working hard and motivating you — that matters. 

If you’re finding you can’t DIY your own fitness, that’s okay. It doesn’t work for everyone. Actually… it doesn’t work for most people.

For the rest of us, in-person works better. Being in a room with other like-minded people – it works better.

If you’re tired of trying to YouTube and app your way to a healthier lifestyle, try something that actually works.

Ready when you are.