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I’ve been the coaching business for over a decade, and what I’m about to say might be surprising.

Sure, the physical part of working out can be a challenge, but do you know what really holds a lot of people back?

It’s the mental part. Here’s what really determines someone’s success:

– Making the decision to start.
– Making room in your schedule and budget to commit to your health and fitness.
– Believing that you can actually do this.
– Being willing to learn from someone who’s been through the process and taken others through it before.
– Showing up consistently, multiple times a week, for months and even years.
– Making the decision to stay on track, even when life throws obstacles in your path.
– Being willing to get temporarily uncomfortable in exchange for future gains.
– Kicking your excuses to the curb, because they are just that… excuses.

In summary… your brain will get in your way much more than your body will, generally speaking.

Once your brain gets out of the way…. your body thrives when you move and breathe hard.

Your body speaks the language of physical activity. Ask it to work, and it answers. Stairs get easier. Chasing your kids and pets gets easier. Carrying your groceries gets easier. Your workday feels easier. Your first beer league hockey game or slo-pitch game of the season doesn’t wreck you for a week afterward. 

Just something to think about as we head towards another holiday season and all its distractions. Maybe it’s time to stop waiting for the “perfect” time, and just take action. Get your brain out of the way so that your body can do the work.

Let us know when you’re ready to kick those excuses to the curb.