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We spend a LOT of time talking with our members about creating habits, and finding better ways of making healthier lifestyle choices.

You might think that people who are in great shape must have great willpower. And while that is certainly a piece of the puzzle, the reality is that mostly they have just done a good job of building their habits.

It’s WAY easier to do things on autopilot, than to have to make a decision each day whether you’re going to work out or not. This is why our main focus for new people is on building the habit of working out three times each week.

People who are in really good shape have ALL done this – they’ve built the habit of working out at least 3x/week. Before they lost their first 10lbs, and before they got well-defined muscles – they were working on being consistent and working out 3x/week. This is the foundation of their results. They figured out how to fit their workouts into a busy lifestyle, how to work out even when life gets hectic, and how to stay committed even when their motivation is low.

That’s not an easy task… but it’s that one step that paves the way for the results that follow. We talk about consistency so much that our members probably get sick of it. But it’s the inescapable truth of making lifestyle changes that stick. Just. Keep. Showing. Up.