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If you know you should eat better… but you haven’t gotten the ball rolling yet, chances are pretty good that you just don’t know how to start. You’re staring down that nutrition mountain and wondering how you’ll ever get to the top. What you need is to just take the first step.

1. Schedule Your Meal Times

Most people under eat because of distractions, or overeat due to poor planning. The first step in eating healthy is to schedule your meal times in your calendar. This will ensure you are reminded to eat and block off time for you to eat periodically throughout the day. Plan on 3 meals a day, with a couple of snacks. Arrange them at times that fit your schedule.

2. Remove “Less Healthy” Foods From Your Pantry

We are creatures of habit and our environment. We tend to eat the foods we can see and that are within arm’s reach. If our desk at work or pantry at home is filled with junk food, we are going to eat more junk food then we would if our desk or pantry was filled with healthier snacks. Remove the foods that are not on our healthy Food List to start shedding fat without thinking about it.

We’re not saying that you have to completely eliminate treats from your life, but they should be just that – occasional treats – and not a daily staple.

3. Eat a better breakfast

Some people skip breakfast, some just drink coffee, and others fill up on coffee shop carb treats. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a completely different type of meal than lunch or dinner. Choose a vegetable with your meal, and make sure you get some protein. Those two things will help get you off to a good start.

Remember… start small. Give yourself time to adapt to those small changes before adding more.

**P.S. when you are done planning that breakfast, put your ingredients on the Grocery List and start shopping!